The Effectiveness of IT Staff Augmentation

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The Effectiveness of IT Staff Augmentation

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Many companies have employed the use of IT Staff Augmentation to adapt to the growing change in work practices globally. This strategy is one of many that IT companies have taken advantage of to create more flexible, cost-effective and convenient work practices. With it and the growing popularity of remote work globally, IT professionals all over the globe have opportunities to work from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Allowing them to collaborate on projects and technological developments with other professionals from all over the world as if they were under the same roof

What is IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation offers companies the option of outsourcing qualified IT professionals to fill specific long and short term vacancies within their company or for a specific project. So, companies can hire these professionals for specific tasks or goals, without issues with dismissal after projects end and goals are met.

This strategy eliminates many issues companies can face when trying to hire additional professionals for specific projects or research initiatives. Companies can skip long interview processes, training sessions, contract negotiations and dismissal issues. Staff augmentation in the IT industry allows companies to carry out initiatives efficiently and effectively. Plus, provide convenient opportunities for IT professionals all over the globe.

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The Effectiveness of IT Staff Augmentation - Team work

To give you a better understanding of how IT augmentation works, here are the benefits of IT staff augmentation along with the different types. We have even shown the differences between the different IT staff augmentation services.

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Types of IT Staff Augmentation

There are different types of augmentation routes companies can take. The route the company takes depends on what kind of staffing solution the company needs. The different types of staffing services range from adding a few professionals to an existing team to full outsourcing of your entire team.

Team Augmentation

With team augmentation, augmentation service providers provide professionals that join your team to execute a project. The staff is managed by those in charge of the project. This type of service is highly recommended for companies that require more support due to time constraints or that require an expert to complete a part of the project.

Dedicated team

The dedicated team option indicates that the service provider collaborates with your company’s project managers to give you a team—which is managed by the service provider—to execute or support a project you own. This type of service is very useful if your company does not have a specialized IT development team and needs to develop a project that it wants to execute within the company.

Full outsourcing 

In outsourcing, the service provider takes control of your team and adds new members, if necessary, to develop the project you have in mind. This type of service is recommended for companies that want to minimize the workload and leave everything in the hands of the service provider while using the rest of the company’s resources on other projects.

Managed IT services 

With managed IT services, it staff augmentation services company and the team administrator provide a team that focuses on the operations of your company as a whole. Managed IT services are recommended for companies that do not have an IT team or department and require a provider to hire a trained and stable IT support staff.

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Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation


IT staff augmentation services save your company money. Everybody tries to save money, in any way they can; even IT companies. There’s nothing wrong with trying to cut costs, but you have to do it the right way. IT staff augmentation services save your company money since they reduce expenses related to the traditional hiring processes. Plus they generate fewer expenses when it’s a remote team.

Process simplicity

The hiring process can be complicated, especially when the company is serious about the quality of professionals they utilize. However, with staff augmentation, the process of increasing IT staff is much simpler because the company that provides the service is in charge of the administrative side of the team. Your company would then only be in charge of coordinating agreements and other less important, less complex processes.


As complicated as the hiring process is, it is long. Finding the kind of IT professional you need takes longer than most companies would like. With IT staff augmentation things go much faster. The time it takes to address an issue within your company can improve if you use these staffing services. This is because you avoid the initial recruitment process, and you also acquire a team to provide quick and efficient solutions.


Staff augmentation allows you to customize your team to your liking. You can hire the IT staff you need. If your team requires it, more trained staff can be hired when you need it to fill gaps in your company due to the flexibility that these services provide.


Another great thing about this strategy is that it gives you greater control over the team you are managing as you have a profile of each one based on your needs. Therefore, you have more information regarding their performance and work ethic from the company providing the service.

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Differences in IT Staffing Services

Basic IT staffing services 

This type of staffing service will be immensely useful for your company when you require greater support with basic IT tasks. This can help more experienced developers to focus on the most important tasks while the external staff supports other initiatives.

Skills-based IT staffing services

This staffing service boosts your team with trained and specialized staff that is proficient in specific areas and technologies and will be able to complement your project the best. 

Highly experienced IT staffing services

This type of staffing employs the most qualified individuals to resolve the most complex issues you have or develop the most important part of your project. These teams have the experience in and knowledge of different technologies to then yield excellent results while working on your project. 

Conclusively, there are many benefits of IT staff augmentation services for your company. They help you reduce costs, improve the speed of the hiring process, simplify processes, and more. There are various staff augmentation services from which to choose, which will help you to make the most of the benefits of having a specialized team for the needs of your company. 

Now that you know all about IT Staff Augmentation, you can adopt the strategy to create your IT dream team. WebCreek can be your IT staff augmentation services company. We have solutions to fit any staff augmentation need, including a large team of expert IT professionals. If you require IT staff, click here for more information.

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