IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation allows you to hire the best of our IT resources. Our unit forms a seamless extension of yours— building your projects without the costs of recruiting, expenses, or infrastructure.

Amplify your talent. Develop your ideas.

IT Nearshoring Staff Augmentation Benefits


Teams in your time zone


Zero investment in infrastructure


Less or no time spent on recruitment


Highly experienced resources

Bolstering Your Team with Ours

You have a need, and our IT nearshoring experts can meet it. We offer collaboration that listens to your goals and joins you in achieving them.

Are you looking for a one Full-Stack to boost your team? Check out here ! Do you need more? Keep reading!

Here’s how it works:

Staff Augmentation- Envision a game-changing project - Aumento de personal1

Envision a game-changing project, but lack tech talent to make it a reality .

Staff Augmentation - List all the exacting skills required - Aumento de personal2

List all the exacting skills required for the IT experts who will join your team.

Staff Augmentation - Determine a budget that fits your company’s goals - Aumento de personal3

Determine a budget that fits your company’s goals, without breaking bank.

Staff Augmentation - Send us the SOS request for talent - Aumento de personal4

Send us the SOS request for talent, and start looking forward to digital success.

Staff Augmentation - Aumento de personal5

Vet candidates from our database and beyond, based on our own IT expertise.

Staff Augmentation - Offer you the highest-caliber profiles - Aumento de personal6

Offer you the highest-caliber profiles, for you to see their skill and select a fit.

Staff Augmentation - Interview your top candidates - Aumento de personal7

Interview your top candidates against our highest quality industry standards.

Staff Augmentation - Offer contract opportunity to the chosen8

Offer contract opportunity to the chosen and very best in the business.

Why partner with WebCreek?

  • We are proud to have the best development and engineering talent, ready to collaborate on your business goals.
  • We work in your time zone, so that communication is immediate and smooth.
  • Expand your team immediately, augment your IT capability, and maintain control of your development.
  • Our transparent billing will let you know exactly where your money is spent.
  • Nearshoring offices are 65% more efficient than traditional offshoring teams; rest assured you’re cutting costs, not quality.

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