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Interview with Luis Nerey, WebCreek Senior System Developer

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Rafael Ríos
ByPor Rafael Ríos

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Yesterday, I took a walk to the striking building at 296 Reforma Ave, Mexico City: Tower Reforma Latino. I went to visit the programmers and designers of the WeWork office, and to take advantage of the visit of WebCreek’s Senior System Developer, Luis Nerey. I sat down with him for an interview, opening the panorama to give us a better view of our business’s great talent.

Rafa: Hi Luis, tell us a bit about yourself.

Luis Nerey: Of course, gladly. I studied at the Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas (University of Information Sciences) in 2005, in my home country, Cuba. If I remember correctly, I spent 6 years at the university. Then, I went to Venezuela for a year, doing my professional internship. I afterwards spent 3 years back in Cuba, doing social service work, and then decided to move to Ecuador and make use of my university studies. I was working in a number of different business until 2016, when I found WebCreek. From that time, I have worked in many projects and had many experiences. I have grown professionally, gaining lots of experience here.

Rafa: Is this the first company of its kind with which you’ve worked?

Luis Nerey:  Truthfully, yes, and I hope it’s the last (laughs). I want to stay for a long time at WebCreek.

Rafa: Tomorrow (May 16th, 2019), we are going to present a public TechTalk, here at the WeWork offices. What have you prepared for us?

Luis: It is a talk oriented towards the results of the Survey done by Stack Overflow.* We’ll tackle various topics and—what can say? —I believe that there are surprises, because our professional presence is growing regionally and there are entire communities very interested in technological subjects.

Rafa: Very good. We expect to learn something interesting in the talk. Now, I would like to know about some very trending subjects. Tell us a little bit about the apps that you use in a normal working day.

Luis: Okay, they vary in a normal working day, depending upon the project. Normally, we use Angular, and generally concentrate on all those of .NET.  

Rafa: What would you say forms the ideal profile of a WebCreekdeveloper or designer?

Luis: Basically, she/he should have knowledge of .NET; it’s the keystone of what we do, and it’s perfect if someone wants to work in this system. Now, if she/he has experience in Angular, now that is a plus. We will value that a lot, and will be very happy to help hone that form of work.

Rafa: What’s your opinion on the future of technology in Latin America?

Luis:  I believe that, as a region, we are growing a ton. There are a number of people interested in technology, and businesses worldwide are starting to have faith in us. The most concrete example is that of our business, WebCreek, which already has 4 business in different countries and headquarters in the United States. This is a symptom of the trust that we’ve gained.

Rafa: How do the tools that you’ve developed for WebCreek apply in daily life?

Luis: Specifically, as a company, we’ve focused on the petroleum, transport, and construction industries. These tools, in the concrete cases of these sectors, have notably increased productivity—which is why they continue inviting us to create new web-apps for their use.

Rafa: What would you recommend to our young readers interested in the technology sector?

Luis: That they study, every day, and they never stop studying. That it is always good to be up to date on everything that happens in the sector, and that they choose a technology-orientated major. Once you’re in the major, you realize that you have infinite possibilities. And, well, to the kids who are just starting, I’d tell them to work hard and become working professionals—that they overcome their limitations and continue moving forward.

Rafa: Thanks very much, Luis. Have a great stay in Mexico; thanks for your time and your words.

Luis got up and got back to work on his pending tasks, while I breathed a sigh of relief in the climate-controlled space of WeWork. At the same time, I looked out the window of the 25th floor, at the hazy scene of Mexico City, now especially affected by innumerable nearby forest fires. Something is changing, I told myself, and yet technology advances without stopping. It takes us forward, to new and clear horizons. The irony of our present day.

*Stack Overflow is a website created by Jeff Atwood and used by a community of software developers, in which other developers can find solutions to problems across a variety of programming languages.