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WebCreek Reaffirms Top Data Security with SOC2 Certification

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WebCreek moves to reaffirm its compromise to securely manage data and protect the interests of its clients with SOC2 certification.

As more and more companies migrate to the Cloud to keep their information accessible, data security may become a risk. While Cloud tech is undoubtedly vital to fuel modern businesses; protecting information from theft, extortion, and attacks has resultantly become a serious concern.

WebCreek is always striving for excellency and, as a Saas company, we’re always looking for practices that distinguish our services. As a result of these continuous efforts, standardized procedures, and an exhaustive auditing procedure, we proudly announce that we’ve been granted the SOC2 Compliance certification. Not sure what that means? We’ll break it down, and let you know why it’s so important.

What is SOC2?

Granted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), SOC2 is a certification that ensures security, availability, and confidentiality of information. In essence, the title was created to give Saas clients ease-of-mind when choosing business partners, helping them select companies that will keep their cloud-based data secured. It requires that tech companies like ours follow security policies and procedures to meet the safety parameters that cloud-based services require.

Companies are strictly judged on 1 of 5 essential pillars (Security, Availability, Processing, Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy), receiving this elite certification only if they excel against top standards.

We’re proud to announce…

After months of a rigorous audit on our policies and processes, we’re pleased to have become an SOC2 Certified company, meeting the security criteria, as we’re deeply committed to protect our clients’ information. We are aware of our great responsibility to each and every one of our clients. They put their trust in us, and we honor their privacy. We are proud to offer the confidence of certification that backs up our decades-long commitment to security.

With our recognized SOC2 Compliance certification, we are reaffirming to our dear clients, our talented staff across 9 offices, and companies all around the world, that our security efforts are top-notch. For both clients and our own teams, we offer vaulted data-bases, servers, and sensitive totally information safe, but available to authorized eyes..

It’s a proud moment for WebCreek, as we keep working to deliver the best Custom Software and IT Outsourcing services.