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Agile Software Development & Nearshoring

agile software development
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Agile Software Development

When businesses are looking for partners to develop their software, one of the main considerations is the process that the development team uses. Agile software development methodologies allow software companies to deliver top quality results through collaboration with the client. The Agile process of developing a web or mobile app is designed to give the client regular feedback and have input.

Here are some key points to remember when looking for a development team:

Processes and Interactions

Agile software outsourcing should consider the users and interactions before processes and tools. Of course, user interactions lead to the process, but agile development starts with the user. Because of this focus on the client and end user, it creates a relational development process. Like any relationship, it depends on clear and effective communication.

Clients will often start with the functions that their users need to solve their challenges, however, they often don’t have the experience or knowledge needed to deliver the end product to their users. The right agile partner can bring the level of expertise needed to deliver the final project. It will ask the questions that might have been implied or not addressed. Essentially the development teams take on the role of an advocate in order to provide what they actually need in the mobile or web app.

Agile Software Development Methodologies

Agile can be defined as “having a quick resourceful and adaptable character.” Businesses increasingly need to be agile in everything they do. They need to be adaptive to the challenges of day-to-day business. So agile software outsourcing is built with that in mind. The built-in, short interval scheduling provides an opportunity for the client to check on progress, and to catch changes before the rest of the development continues. This process delivers results quicker by reducing having to go back several versions to make the changes that they need.

Nearshoring is perfect for agile software development. Having the developers in neighboring countries, and within a close time zone, means that collaboration can happen quicker. It avoids having to wait days for email replays and focuses on real-time meetings to get the results that the client wants. With regular meetings, during office hours, the development team and the client can create a truly collaborative working environment. 

Nearshore agile software development makes it quicker for the team to respond to questions and deliver results.

Customer Participation

A focus on customer participation encourages collaboration. It quickly addresses what the customer needs and also provides it to the client in a cost-effective way. The less time that developers spend on rewriting code, the more time they can spend working on new features or working on the next stage.

When other software methodologies focus on the developers, you get to a point where the app is built with assumptions. Those assumptions can be a result of miscommunications. So it is inevitable that the development team has to go back to make changes that were based on uninformed decisions. Agile nearshore outsourcing addresses this through regularly scheduled meetings and status updates.

Responsiveness to Change

Agile methodologies depend on the fact that development teams are flexible to constantly changing demands of the clients and markets. Having the ability to respond rapidly to changing conditions is one of the advantages of hiring agile developers. Working with teams that follow this type of methodologies forces teams to accommodate changes easier than a static project plan – developing software in intervals also gives team’s better control over having to rework solving problems at any stages of the software development process. Giving the team of developers a clear vision of foreseeable problems can save them time when checking the features and additional functionality of the solutions.

Software Development is an iterative process – team members may be added or changed at any point of this process, this is why it’s vital to have a multidisciplinary team where each team member is flexible enough to handle changes in the project. Defining clear goals and objectives for each role will allow new experts to get up to speed quickly with their projects.

Agile methods depend on flexible teams. The demands of the clients and users require the development team to be flexible and responsive to change. But, the use of status updates and regular communication makes those changes manageable. Because you are able to catch a conflict or miscommunication before it goes to full production, you are able to make the small changes before major changes become necessary.

When the team has a clear and updated vision of the project, they will be able to identify the most efficient next steps to take and any obstacles in the way. It will also set the parameters for changes and make those changes manageable and able to be quickly adapted.

Within the software lifecycle, as the development stage changes, team members may also change. This makes it crucial to have constant and accurate information at all stages. agile nearshore software development encourages clearly defined goals and objectives to make sure your project is on time and on budget.

Hire Agile Developers with WebCreek

At WebCreek, we prioritize the agile nearshoring methodology on all our projects.  Talk with us today to discuss hiring top nearshore developers through agile staff augmentation.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”.

Stephen Hawking