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Intuitive Web Platform for Compliance Requirements

Intuitive Web Platform for Compliance Requirements

The company is a technology provider that specializes in offering cloud-based compliance management solutions to businesses. Its platform allows companies to create and manage compliance programs, track compliance activities, and generate reports. The company helps businesses manage compliance more efficiently and effectively, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated damage.


One of the major challenges businesses face during compliance audits is the extensive documentation and reporting requirements. This can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task that can take a toll on the organization and its users. If the interface used to submit the documentation is confusing or difficult to navigate, it can further extend the execution time and create additional work for the users. 
As a result, an organization and its users can suffer critical delays and errors during the compliance audit process. Delays can cause disruptions to normal business operations, while errors in documentation or reporting can lead to non-compliance and the associated financial and reputational damage.

Therefore, it is essential for businesses to have a streamlined and user-friendly compliance audit process that minimizes the burden of documentation and reporting. This can help to reduce the risk of delays and errors, ensuring that the organization and its users can focus on other critical business activities.


To address the challenges faced by businesses during the compliance audit process, we redesigned its platform to focus on three key aspects.

Intuitiveness: The platform could be redesigned with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the documentation and reporting process. This could involve providing clear guidance and instructions for users, simplifying the navigation and design, and reducing the number of clicks required to complete tasks.

Reporting: The platform could also be redesigned to provide more comprehensive and customizable reporting capabilities. This could include the ability to generate reports that highlight compliance gaps and provide recommendations for remediation, as well as dashboards that provide real-time insights into compliance status.

Action Item Awareness: Another key aspect of the redesign could be to improve awareness of outstanding action items throughout the auditing process. This could involve providing notifications and reminders for upcoming deadlines, highlighting incomplete tasks, and creating workflows to ensure timely completion of action items.

The result is a platform that streamlines the compliance audit process, improves user experience, and enables businesses to more effectively manage compliance requirements.

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