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Project Management Software for the Construction Industry

For a large construction enterprise, the industry’s standard project management softwares were not making the cut. Their inefficient, costly, and hard-to-learn platforms did not adequately bring together the information needed to optimize operations.


The client approached Webcreek with the need to properly train frontline supervisors, equip the project team with knowledge and organization tools, and bring all of this strategy into a single and easily accessible hub.


We combined Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and project management tools into a comprehensive labor management system. The platform is geared to streamline project management, with features that include an interval planning system, plan vs. estimate comparison, user-defined constraint checklist, and real-time updates for crews in the field. It also organizes and trains teams, while measuring labor performance and schedule reliability. And, to top off its advantages, the software’s scalable and agile architecture makes it a customizable solution that adapts unhindered to any project team.


Some of this platform’s on-the-ground results include:

  • Boosted productivity
  • Improved project planning, execution, and reporting
  • Saved costs
  • Equipped teams
  • Enhanced visibility and efficiency

Services Provided

UX/UI Design

Business Analysis

Custom Software Development

QA Testing


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