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Mobile App for Sports Fans to Debate the GOAT of Each Sport

The debate about who is the greatest athlete of all time in any given sport is a topic that often sparks passionate discussions among sports fans. While there are various metrics and data that can be used to measure an athlete’s performance, such as records, championships, statistics, and personal accolades, these alone may not be enough to settle the debate.


Fans often have strong opinions and personal biases when it comes to their favorite athletes, and they enjoy debating and sharing their thoughts with others. However, many apps and sites only provide data without allowing fans to directly engage with each other in the debate. Creating a platform that allows fans to engage in discussions and debates about their favorite athletes and who they believe is the greatest of all time, provides a space for these passionate discussions to take place.


The proposed mobile application combines the features of a social network and a sports almanac, providing a one-stop-shop for sports fans to stay updated, engage in debates, and have a voice. It would offer a personalized feed of content based on user preferences, detailed statistics for every sport, and head-to-head comparisons to compare the performance of two athletes. Debate boards organized by sport or topic would enable users to share their opinions and engage in discussions with other users. Overall, the mobile app aims to create a highly engaging and interactive experience for sports enthusiasts.

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