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Desktop App for Oilfield Techs: Manage Parameter Tracking Data

This company operates in the energy industry and provides a range of products and services to clients worldwide. Its offerings include equipment and tools for drilling and wellbore technologies, as well as engineering and consulting services.

The company has a reputation for being a pioneer in the development of patented technologies that have helped to advance the energy sector. It is also committed to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to minimize its environmental impact. Its client base includes some of the largest energy companies globally, and it has a significant presence in various regions of the world where energy production is significant. Overall, this company is a prominent player in the energy industry, contributing to the growth of the sector through innovation and sustainable practices.


The customer developed a prototype of a parameter-tracking device that worked like a health monitor for oilfield drilling tools. It was the size of a hockey puck and when attached to the asset, captured data such as temperature and acceleration. This gave specialists enough insight into the asset’s performance in order to evaluate further inspection. Once the prototype became operational, the technicians required a system to download the information from the device, generate reports and capture long-term information.


We created a user-friendly desktop app that enables technicians to effortlessly connect their devices and extract the valuable data they have been capturing in the field. Our application goes beyond just collecting data, as it also generates comprehensive report logs about the device’s performance based on critical parameters like acceleration, temperature, gyro, and more.
Our goal was to create a product experience that is not only straightforward and easy to use but also educational. We removed any unnecessary fluff from the user interface and designed it to be intuitive, ensuring that potential actions are effortless to identify and execute. The desktop app is designed to make it simple for technicians to quickly access the insights they need, allowing them to take necessary actions to improve device performance.

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