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A Revolutionized User Experience for 
a Game-Changing Healthcare Platform

A US-based medical software provider had developed a platform to aid labs nationwide in appealing any medical claim– storing medical documentation, facilitating claim processes, and helping secure payments.


But this great tool was being held up by a UX/UI problem. The company therefore aimed to enhance its user experience to provide clients with the full benefits of this groundbreaking software.


Webcreek stepped in to further develop this application into a maintainable and easy-to-use platform, with the scalability to integrate other records and systems. Our client’s main goal was to turn this software into an extremely appealing product that streamlined claims processes and increased revenue– all while improving compliance for labs and healthcare providers alike, and thus decreasing risks and improving patient care.


WebCreek built the new platform in tandem with our client. While the latter refactored and streamlined its codebase, we fully revamped and optimized the frontend UI/UX. Now, the company proudly offers a scalable, robust code base with a seamless and meaningful user experience.

Services Provided

UX/UI Design

Business Analysis

Custom Software Development

QA Testing


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