Nearshoring Software Mexico

This article will have a brief look at nearshoring software Mexico. “Nearshoring” is defined as outsourcing to a vendor that is in a close-by country. Normally it is within a similar time zone to help with meetings and communication. For example, a U.S. company looking to hire an outsourcing vendor in Latin America would qualify as a nearshoring partner. The proximity helps with a minimal time zone difference and depending on the country, there is a high chance that the outsourced workers will have some familiarity with English. There are often overlooked factors such as laws, languages, and standard business practices. In comparison, “offshore” typically refers to a vendor that is operating at a distance from the customer. While the work can be the same quality, some of the intangibles of different time zones, culture, language and business practices can be enough to derail a software project. Let’s see if nearshoring software in Mexico could be a profitable option for you.


Conveniently located right next to the U.S. and within the same time zone, Mexico offers more flights than other outsourcing locations. According to Mexico’s Department of Communications and Transportations, their largest airport, Benito Juarez International is Top 20 in North American in the number of flights and passengers. Mexico’s airlines are growing consistently and expanding their flights. Even with some of the border controversy, Mexico still remains a close business partner with relatively easy access.

Cultural Relevance

The importance of cultural similarity is often overlooked in the outsourcing of software development. Yet many development initiatives, particularly those using agile methodology, require daily interaction amongst team members. The proximity and cultural overlap, particularly between Northern Mexico and Southwestern US, facilitate communication and relationship building between developers in the two areas.

Cost Advantages

Nearshoring to Mexico has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and growth is expected to continue. As of last year, the Mexican I.T. offshoring industry was globally ranked at number 3 according to Gartner Inc. analyst Frances Karamouzis.  While more prominent locations such as China and India are still being utilized, Mexico appears to be just as cost-effective for US customers.

Additionally, Mexico is rapidly making progress in its commercial districts. For example, the Mexican Guadalajara government will invest $100 billion to improve its telecom and transfer infrastructure. Aspects of the investments include four new airports, seven seaports, and roughly 3,350 miles of highways (Associated Press). In essence, this plan is designed to expand and upgrade telecommunications and infrastructures. Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto explains, “The government’s plans are aimed to modernize, expand and maintain communications and transport infrastructure. Having a quality infrastructure in the transport and communications sector is crucial to accelerating economic activity and social development.” These investments will make outsourcing software to Mexico more reliable and accessible.


Over the last 20 years of software development, WebCreek has always sought out the best options for software development for us and for our clients. We have experienced that there are enormous benefits to working together with developers and clients in the same time zone. We are proud to be a leader in the growing trend for nearshoring software development with offices that are conveniently next door.

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