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The adoption of nearshoring in Spain has increased in recent years. It is one of the countries with the best position in this field due to the advantages it offers such as a good economy and competitive rates. This potential opens the doors to other countries to develop Spain’s outsourcing strategy with other collaborators, such as those in Latin America.

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Why Spain Are So Good at Nearshoring

Spain’s nearshoring potential in nearshoring is more than just about the talent they use and have access to. It’s about the recognition of possibility. Spain’s continuous nearshoring growth and success is from investment. Spain recognized the possibility of the technological hub Spain could be, and did not miss the opportunity to get behind it.

Spain’s strong economy and access to leading telecommunications infrastructure gives them an edge on many other nearshoring countries. Many of these countries are still facing major telecommunication and cyber security issues. Issues that Spain, and their leading position in technological advancements have been able to face head on.

Nearshoring in Spain: Development Opportunities

Although nearshore in Spain is not at its maximum growth potential, the opportunity for it to develop as an outsourcing model is quite good. This outsourcing alternative will be more prominent in the coming years, so subcontracting opportunities for Spain are highly probable. Part of the development of this business model will depend on economic agents to promote the adaptation of and investment in these strategies.

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Nearshore in Spain & Job Opportunities

If we talk about job opportunities today, we can find more nearshoring software development companies in Spain that adopt this strategy as a business model. This is due to the economic advantages of nearshoring such as lower expenses and good education standards in Spain. 

Coincidentally, WebCreek adopts this model and has a location in Spain. One of the opportunities WebCreek offers is to provide its clients with top quality, efficient technological and digital solutions.

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Nearshoring and COVID-19. How Is Spain Affected?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the adoption of the nearshoring strategy in Spain. Many companies have been forced to reduce the risk of supply chain disruption due to changes caused by the pandemic. As a result, many businesses have decided to adopt this strategy to optimize their processes and avoid being affected by the new protocols.

On the other hand, the acceptance and generalization of “home office” jobs, or work from home, have opened the doors to many job seekers. This has allowed nearshoring IT service providers in Spain to obtain good employee rates, as there are more opportunities to work from home. Plus, with Spain’s proactive investment in IT, you could somewhat say they could afford to take a hit. 

With the aforementioned, Spain has all the qualities of being able to promote the development of the nearshoring strategy and long-term software. As preventative measures and the continued fight against COVID-19 progress, we will be able to see changes related to the different corporate strategies that may arise in this unpredictable environment. That is why it will be important to keep an eye on the new trends and technologies that emerge in the coming years to take advantage of nearshoring software development in Spain. 

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