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There is a lot of staff augmentation benefits that a company can make use of. In 2019, 39.4% of services sold by professional organizations worldwide were related to IT and Tech. From 2016-2019, IT and Tech services sold by professional organizations remained above 30% of all other professional services sold worldwide. 

The global outsourcing market reached $92.5 billion in 2019, with the largest share belonging to the Americas. This region alone generated $62 billion in revenue through BPO contracts in 2019.

BPO strategies are taking the tech world by storm, with one of the most popular approaches being staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is the practice of hiring a third-party company to contract individual talent to work temporarily on your team. 

For example, if your company was working on a large project, and temporarily needed extra developers to meet a project deadline, it could consider a staff augmentation service. This service would provide the needed developers on a contract basis, saving you the time and investment of recruiting and new-hire infrastructure. Once the contract is complete, these individuals return to their permanent employer who provided the staff augmentation service. 

While these individuals would temporarily be a part of your team, they would receive their paycheck and other securities from their permanent employer. Your company would only have to pay the premium from the staff augmentation service, and would not have to go through the process of hiring new permanent employees for temporary vacancies.

The practice of staff augmentation is very common in IT, especially amongst developers and engineers. But it is also common in many other professional services such as HR, Accounting, and Healthcare. More companies than ever have been taking advantage of the benefits of staff augmentation. Below are 5 of the main benefits of staff augmentation in software development projects.

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Keep Your Team Flexible

One of the benefits of staff augmentation is keeping your team flexible. 

You can expand your team when necessary, and revert to normal operations when the project is complete. This can be crucial for large projects, tight deadlines, or difficult project requirements. Having enough staff to work on your projects can also drive down overtime costs, prevent employee burnout, and reduce your in-house team’s stress.

Flexible staffing options can also mean that you have access to a team that matches market fluctuations, without disruptive hiring and layoff practices. Your permanent team can rest assured they will be supported when they need it most, but their positions will not be in jeopardy when the project is over. 

Furthermore, you do not have to rush to fill staffing gaps. Having a flexible team means that you can take the time to guarantee the right candidate for a permanent position, without that position being vacant in the meantime.

Hire Top-Tier Talent

Secondly, hiring from the right staff augmentation service means that you can be certain you are working with qualified staff.

Staff augmentation service providers take the time to hand-pick individuals at the top of their field. This could range from individual positions, those with specialized skills, or even dedicated teams. 

At WebCreek, we offer top-tier IT talent including developers, engineers, business analysts, QA engineers, as well as other individuals with expertise that can meet virtually any project need. Our staff are always experienced professionals at the top of their fields.

Whatever your team needs, you can be assured that it will be in good hands.

Fill Talent Gaps

Thirdly, staff augmentation can fill talent gaps in your team.

There are many reasons why companies may lack the talent they need. Certain employees could leave, legislative or economic factors could affect staffing possibilities, or your upcoming projects may fall outside the scope of your current team’s abilities. 

Through a good staff augmentation service, you can select services that fill talent gaps in your upcoming projects. For example, you could contract a Senior Full-Stack Developer to complete the skills of your development team, or request a dedicated QA team to help with software testing and quality assurance. 

With staff augmentation, your team never needs to fall behind the break-neck pace of the IT industry.

Take Control of Projects

A fourth benefit of staff augmentation is the ability to take complete control of projects.

Because staff augmentation allows you to manage the size of your team and what skillsets are available, you don’t have to limit what kinds of projects you decide to tackle. You can always bring in extra staff for larger projects, or dedicated teams for projects that call for specialized skills or tight deadlines.

Moreover, you can control what level of talent is working on your projects. A good staff augmentation service can offer top-tier collaborators, giving you more control over the quality of your projects. 

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Combine with Nearshoring for Added Benefits

Lastly, what makes staff augmentation so useful is that it can be combined with different outsourcing methodologies, such as nearshoring.

Nearshoring is a business process outsourcing strategy that brings in labor from nearby countries. These regions may have lower staffing costs, allowing you to save money. 

And, unlike offshoring, nearshore staff are either in your team’s timezone or in a neighboring timezone, meaning no long delays in communication due to time differences. Furthermore, staff will have a better understanding of your company’s culture and communication techniques.

For example, at WebCreek, we offer staff augmentation services, with the added benefit of nearshoring. We have offices in Canada, USA, Ecuador, Perú, Colombia, Mexico, Ukraine, and the Philippines. Our teams can be geographically closer to your projects and offer qualified and professional services.

Want to learn more?

Whatever your flexible staffing needs, staff augmentation is an excellent way to ensure that your team can excel on its next software development project.

We, at WebCreek, offer custom development and IT staffing services that can help with virtually any of your upcoming software development projects. Consider contacting one of our experts today!

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