How to Choose your Nearshore Software Development Partner

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How to Choose your Nearshore Software Development Partner

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You’ve done your assessment and realized that it would be best for your company to consider outsourcing. You’ve even looked into the three types: nearshoring, offshoring, and onshoring. The next thing on your to-do list is to find and hire an outsourced team. 

Doing the hiring process internally may take weeks or months to complete. But because you’re a practical thinker and you hate wasting time, you’re considering partnering with a nearshore outsourcing company, which is why you’re reading this blog.

In this article, we’ll discuss why partnering with a nearshore company might be your best idea yet, give you the practical steps to nearshore outsourcing, and share what you should look for in a nearshore software development partner.

Why partner up with a nearshore software development company?

Cost savings

Did you know that 70% of companies state that cost reduction is the number one reason for outsourcing? In addition, when you work with a outsourced talent supplier, you also save on lots. The apparent cost savings are hiring full-time employees, onboarding, training, and retention. With a nearshore outsourcing partner, the entire process has been done for you; you only need to tell them your requirements. Therefore, partnering with a nearshoring software company will help you save time and reduce recruiting and training expenses.

Access to a large pool of talent 

As said before, a good nearshore software development partner would have done the entire hiring process. Unlike internally hiring, you don’t have to wait miserably for talent to come to you because the nearshore software development company has already found them and verified their skills. Even better, the nearshore software development partner gets talent from all over Latin America, home to the top 1% of developers and engineers, including Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador. 

Whatever skills and experience you need, a staffing company will provide you with them which may have been problematic if done the traditional hiring way. 

Easy team integration 

Partnering with a  nearshore software development company usually means you get candidates in a matter of days. As a result, the onboarding and integration process is a lot quicker. Not to mention the cultural similarities and low language barrier allows collaboration to be easier. 

Steps to outsource nearshore software development team

  1. Start with project scope and project needs

Make sure you have the answer to these questions: How big is the project? What kind of talent do you need and how many? How long will you need them to work for?

When doing the assessment, you need to be thorough and realistic so you don’t overstaff or understaff. 

  1. Research 

This research is to find your top nearshore partner candidates. You’ll check their experience, company culture, and how they source and hire talent (more on this later). Staffing agencies can support many industries, so it’s good to look at ones specializing in IT.

  1. Shortlist and contact

From your research, you’ll pick around 3 to 4 staffing firms that meet your needs. Then, submit a contact request and schedule a meeting.

  1. Meet with them and ask questions

In those meetings, you’ll better understand whether the company is the right match. Be sure to ask questions they exclude on their website, like rates and contract agreements. 

What to look for in a nearshore software development team

Doing the steps above particularly steps 2 and 4, you will evaluate the nearshore company against these criteria. 


Doing the steps above particularly steps 2 and 4, you will evaluate the nearshore company against these criteria.  The company’s performance history is one of the most critical things to consider. You want to verify their expertise by looking at reviews, testimonials, and case studies, particularly with IT projects and technologies similar to your needs.

For example, if you need a software developer for an oil and gas project, has the company successfully worked with other oil and gas giants? Or, if you use Python for programming, can the nearshore development company supply talent mastering that software?

Quality of talent 

How does the company source talent? Do they hire any and everyone claiming to be tech geniuses, or do they vet them according to high industry standards? Do a deep dive on their company page to find out or ask them in the screening interview. You deserve to be supplied with the best of talent.

How they approach data protection 

Your source code is and should always be your intellectual property. Does the nearshoring company feel the same way? If not, then run. They are certainly not the partner for you. 

On the other hand, you want to partner with a company that believes in protecting your intellectual property and has strict policies to enforce it. 

What about data management and privacy? The same applies. Your nearshore development partner will be privy to some sensitive information. For this reason, they must be willing to sign enforceable non-disclosure agreements. 

Reliable communication

Being nearshore (working within your timezone) means little if they can’t reliably communicate with your team. Therefore, your nearshore software development partner should be able to think and speak fluently in your language for seamless communication and efficiency. 

How WebCreek meets these criteria

As a nearshore software development company, we serve countries in the US and Canada with the top 1% of tech talent in Latin America. With a 25-year track record, we are confident in our ability to be your nearshore software development partner. 

Let’s set up a call if you’re ready to build a partnership with a company with demonstrated experience, top-notch talent, data protection laws, and reliable communication. 

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