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As a business owner, you will likely understand the importance of digital-first strategies to support your goals. Successful digital transformation, however, is only possible with the brilliant minds of software developers and the sophisticated programs they create. 

As your company expands, so will its need for these IT resources, but scaling your team to meet the requirements isn’t always easy and can even prove to be an expensive investment. 

That’s where leveraging the power of outsourcing comes in – going outside your home country to hire remote software developers. 

Outsourcing: A Global Trend

Outsourcing is not new. Businesses have long used third-party firms to manage specific business activities, including software development.  

However, since the Covid-19 pandemic forced many corporations to move to a fully-remote or hybrid model of operations, 92% of the top 2,000 public companies in the world leverage IT outsourcing. As a result, global spending on IT outsourcing is expected to reach $519 billion in 2023

Firstly, IT roles are usually outsourced to developing economies with low labor costs. (But this doesn’t mean the quality of work is inferior.) Corporations benefit from the same or even higher-skilled workforce for a fraction of the cost of their local talent. Hiring remote software developers also allows the internal team to spend less or no time on recruitment. 

Let’s dive into the top countries to hire remote software developers.

Nearshore Countries to Hire Remote Software Developers

Nearshoring is a branch of outsourcing that places contracted teams in the same or similar time zones as your business, optimizing communication and efficiency.

As a software developer, I have found nearshoring to be a great way to work for a US-based company while living abroad. It’s also been a great opportunity to work with a diverse team and learn about different cultures.

Jose T.
Remote Software Developer, Dominican Republic

Here are the top 5 nearshore countries to hire remote software developers for U.S. corporations:

Working remotely with a company located abroad has an incredible experience. The fact of being able to offer solutions to a client being far away is something very gratifying!

Oscar B.
Remote Software Developer, Colombia

Offshore Countries to Hire Remote Software Developers

Offshoring is a similar outsourcing business strategy that looks to optimize savings, except it involves contracting teams in countries in distant time zones. For the U.S., these include:

  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • Spain
  • India

I was worried about the mental and cultural difference, to understand the client and to be understood, but I discovered that it’s a multicultural environment and we have a lot in common.

Kristina S.
Remote Software Developer, Ukraine

The debate on whether nearshore or offshore outsourcing is better for U.S. businesses is ongoing. Strong arguments are usually based on time zone and cultural differences, speed of communication, and the time it takes for the parties to decide. 

After weighing your options against your strategic business goals, it is time to begin hiring! 

Where to Find and Hire Remote Software Developers?

The first option to hire remote developers is through traditional recruiting . There are several online platforms available to post jobs to find freelance Software Developers and ones that are available full time. 

Freelancer Platforms

As you can guess, these websites are a network of freelancers, including tech talent.  Generally, with these platforms, you can post your job requirements (for example, the specific country or region to wish to hire talent) and receive candidate applications or search for freelance developers with particular skills and reach out to them instead. 

Job Boards

With job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed, you can post jobs and sponsor them to get more visibility. 

The job board usually has native applications with screen questions that quickly filter out the most qualified candidates.

Challenges with hiring remote software developers on freelance platforms and job boards.

Demanding Recruiting Process: Finding your ideal developer isn’t simply posting on these job sites.  What happens after can be tedious. There’s writing the job description, checking on jobs boards regularly, and reviewing resumés, which can be time-consuming.

Quality of Candidates: Posting on multiple platforms gives you access to a ton of talent – some strong and others not-so-strong. Reviewing each applicant is painstaking enough, yet there’s the even more daunting challenge of choosing the handful that makes it to the next stage. In addition, people often misrepresent themselves in their applications, and you can never truly verify the quality of technical and soft skills required to make your goals a success. 

Availability: Remote freelance developers are not your employees. They create their own work schedules that may align differently from yours. Your freelance software developer may also have other projects and may not be entirely devoted to yours. 

Staffing Firms

Another way to find and hire remote software developers is through a staffing firm or recruiting partner. These firms sit between your company and the talent and manage the recruitment process, so you don’t burden yourself with the tasks. 

Staffing firms already have a list of vetted candidates for you to choose from, so the time it takes to hire is usually a matter of days, weeks tops.

WebCreek: Nearshore Staffing Company to Hire Remote Software Developers

If you decide to use a recruiting partner, you can learn more about WebCreek. We connect the dots for you by matching you with the top 1% of nearshore software developers skilled in every stack. 

The characteristics vital to you, like time zone alignment, fluency in your language, and proven expertise, are guaranteed when you hire a WebCreeker. 

The process is quick too! Once you detail your requirements, we’ll send you our top picks of pre-screened clients within two days. You’ll, of course, have the opportunity to meet them and choose one or a few software developers who you believe would fit best within your company. 

Key Takeaways

Leveraging the power of outsourcing as an efficiency booster is a brilliant idea for many businesses. With technological advancements, you can find some of the best talents the world has to offer, both nearshore and offshore. 

For nearshoring, it is best to hire remote software developers in Latin American countries like Mexico, Panama, and Colombia. 

In contrast, your top offshore options include the Philippines, Ukraine, and Spain. Whether to use freelance platforms, job ads or staffing firms ultimately depends on your goals and the type of project. 

WebCreek is happy to connect the dots so you can extend your IT capabilities in the simplest way possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your business and help you hire a remote software developer from Latin America.

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