Software Staff Augmentation

Outsourcing is nothing new for the business world. Companies that favor professional services for a reasonable price have been embracing this delivery model. But with the business landscape evolving, outsourcing types like staff augmentation and remote teams are becoming increasingly more popular. WebCreek has been building custom applications for over 20 years and we have fine-tuned our process of delivering solutions for our clients. With our experiences working in time-sensitive projects in many data-driven industries, we understand the importance of having a well-staffed team. A lack of well-trained professionals can complicate even simple tasks and routines. We set-up our teams to prevent that from happening. Our software staff augmentation model focuses on communication and providing your team with the exact developers that your project needs.

With our vast experiences in medium-sized and large projects, we have been working in both the traditional model of being in full control of the software lifecycle and also through the embedded model where we work off-site as part of our client’s team.

Outsourcing and staff augmentation share a sizeable piece of the global economy pie: in 2017, the outsourcing market amounted to $88.9 billion worldwide. Not only is software development considered less expensive to outsource, but most often companies choose to outsource to focus on their core business activities, solve capacity issues and enhance service quality.

Here are 5 benefits we have found of Software Staff Augmentation:

1.Utilize our expertise

When you add qualified professionals to your team, you can benefit from their unique skills and experiences. Our team members not only provide expertise for the time when they are on your project, but they can also provide knowledge to your staff for the future to help the projects run smoothly in the future.

2. Reduce Overall Costs

Hiring for your software project can be an expensive undertaking. Even after your hiring decisions are made, you still have the added expenses of training and onboarding. Even if the hiring is for a short time, you have the expenses of the hiring process, just to let the team go after the project is complete. Staff Augmentation is designed to address this. You can choose the best candidates to have them work on your project for a specific time, for just the cost of the services they provide.

3. Curate the skills you need

When you talk with us to determine the requirements for your specific project, you can determine the exact skills you need the short-term staff to bring to the project. You won’t have to worry about the time to train the employee since their experience will be a part of the requirements of the project and hire.

4. Get a new perspective

There can be various times in the project where you need neutral advice and insight. An augmented staff member can fill this role on the team. Everyone knows they will just be there for a finite period of time, so they will be happy to offer some objective opinions to help the project get past any roadblocks or blockages.

5. See flexible options

There are some developers that are willing to work in an augmented staff job, is often seeking a flexible work environment. This can be used to the advantage of your project. You might need a lot of help as your project goes through the various stages. You might need more help at the beginning of the project, while you might just need some guidance as you go through the testing phases. A developer working on a short-term basis can fit in with your schedule and your workflow, to provide only the services you need when you need them the most.


WebCreek specializes in creating custom software solutions for our clients. We can not only provide full-development services, but we can help you with your outsourcing software teams. You might find that a small team to augment your current IT department might be all you need.

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