Software Development Consulting

Software development consulting is a critical part of deciding what kind of solution would benefit your business the most. WebCreek has been a trusted provider of custom software development and iPhone app development services for over 20 years. We’re partners to clients across many different industries, from startups getting on their feet to long-standing Fortune 500 companies. As part of our core services, we offer to consult for any or all your business and technology needs.

We can outsource your entire project’s development or simply provide the strategic software development consulting for any problem size. During the consultation process, we’ll be able to gather information about your requirements in order to scale your project.

Software Development Consulting: Your First Meeting

During your software development consulting, we define our phase development. We take you through some of our vital processes, helping you to understand how our planning ensures you get the best custom made software possible.

  • Knowing the crucial elements of software development, we meticulously perform pre-project planning with milestones and checklists to ensure your time and money is spent efficiently.
  • We analyze your requirements and present a technical structure for our team to work with.
  • We define your software architecture and choice of platforms, leaving room to change scenarios or strategy with our questionnaires and user stories.
  • We set up a scope and project vision in our opening stages to define targets and progress measurements.
  • We implement requirements for development by identifying key users and building wireframes and prototypes.
  • We define our development and QA processes using the scrum methodology in order to track technical reviews, beta testing, and system testing.
  • We construct the application using our defined coding standards and rules to ensure efficient handling across our team members, with weekly reports and a standardized communication plan.
  • We carry out a thorough review and analysis of the source code and QA testing.
  • We implement maintenance procedures to ensure your custom software programming continues to operate at an optimum level.

Custom Software Development

Technology is constantly changing. While software products like Excel can help companies to juggle huge amounts of data and tasks, there are always better ways to report and control information. At WebCreek, we’re able to cut down on manual data entry tasks by implementing automated processes with custom-made software. Our team can even provide your customers with a way of sharing their information with enterprise custom made software using the web, mobile and desktop applications uniquely created for specific objectives. We can design, integrate and develop any size application on an as-need basis.

Software Development Houston

Our offices in Houston have overseen hundreds of projects, helping businesses get better insights into their data with productivity applications, tools, solutions, and iPhone app development. With thousands of hours of experience in undertaking the most complex business problems, our team carries the expertise to solve even the most complicated business issues with custom software development.

Powerful solutions are built around innovative ideas and great expertise. They depend on organized strategies and processes and continuous integration in order to achieve full, long-term success. At WebCreek, we can help you gauge your business needs, curating a unique solution based on unique requirements to ultimately make your internal processes more efficient; allowing you to dramatically reduce the number of errors quickly and permanently.

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