A 3D Outlook for Oil and Gas Management

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As a result of a consulting project, WebCreek has developed a concept for a mobile-based software that will allow oil and gas management contractors to streamline the report of their work. It also allows company managers to review the performance and overall progress of a drilling project and make better decisions based on these accurate reports.

The interactive platform portrays a gamified, ultra-intuitive interface that represents the project in a simulated 3D environment. The look is similar to “SimCity”, “Starcraft” and other interactive, open-ended, city-building and strategy video games have portrayed. Users can select a scene, models and overall objects to build a representation of the project they are working on. They then assign contractors and services which helps with the planning and monitoring of the work processes through the app.

The initial objective of the consulting phase was to provide a refreshed look and an alternative to the usual reporting software that is available in the Oil and Gas industry. Users who work in this industry tend to be visually inclined and respond better to visual representations.

Engineers often have a difficult time showing business value from the mountains of data being collected daily by contractors, operations, peers, and regulators. This app helps the company visually represent data in a way that is easily visible.

Oil and gas management companies that want to increase the engagement and quality of reporting could benefit from using apps like this. The gamified experience is a proven method to help elevate and improve these practices. Contact Us here to see if we can help you with your custom oil and gas management software.

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