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Branding and website for a non-profit organization that needed an urgent fundraising tool

non profit web development
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A US-based non-profit organization that provides direct and indirect assistance to children from the United States and India, in need of higher education and personal growth. WebCreek jumped in to support this mission, building a consistent and appealing brand and website that would raise awareness of the foundation’s work and encourage donations.

Once the foundation’s goals were set and clear, we gathered our teams to design and develop its branding and WordPress site. This complete website features all of the non-profit’s work and includes a fundraising page that enables donations to the foundation via PayPal. After the site’s launch, the organization held a fundraising campaign with exceedingly successful results. Since then, it has kept working towards building sustainable education and promoting this work, with the support of a beautifully designed and effectively communicative website.

WebCreek specializes in creating custom software and IT staffing solutions for our clients. This was a particularly special project for us, and we take pride in the work that helps organizations make our world a better place. Building a socially responsible brand and website  brings joy to our day-to-day jobs.

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