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A custom animated video showing who we are as a company

custom animated video

Showing who we are through the medium of animation

As part of a company re-branding, we crafted a custom animated video illustrating some of our best features. It started with an eye-catching visual narrative moving from scene to scene as a background voiceover punctuated the story with language associated with our work. Since we’ve been around for more than 20 years, we focused on the custom solutions we have built for them, among other things.

In watching the video, you get a sense of the services we offer as well as the level of our dedication. We have worked on hundreds of projects and wanted to make sure that we conveyed our contribution to the industry, as well as to the advancement of our client’s businesses. In our humble opinion, the video looks great, and you should take a look!

WebCreek specializes in creating custom animated video presentations for our clients and their marketing teams. Video has become one of the most efficient ways to present new ideas. Not only does it present the information you want, but video tends to keep the interest longer than text in some situations. Contact us to start the conversation on how we can best present your message to your potential and existing clients.

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