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A custom knowledge database for employees within any company

desarrollo customizado de app

Helping employees understand their company’s processes from the experts within

This project was conceived as a highly useful application relevant to many kinds of businesses. It’s intended to help employees exploit the knowledge base within their companies in a more accessible way. Many companies, especially older, larger ones, tend to hold on to obsolete ways of educating their employees, either by having things printed and housed in folders that are not searchable, or even in an electronic format that no one remembers exists. We decided a custom knowledge database would be a good solution for them.

With a new generation of people, millennial-types who have only ever known what life is like with the internet, these older processes create a culture clash that can be avoided. The system is designed as a custom knowledge database, but also as a means for older community members to act as mentors to newer ones via a Q&A forum. It also incorporates bots, in this case, the Q-bot, to help guide people in using the system or in completing their work.

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