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A high information UX website redesign and integration.

A top-quality website for a midstream energy company

A midstream energy company focused on infrastructure for the North American market needed an updated website that incorporated a UX website redesign with an improved, modernized look. The client wanted to be sure that it maintained an emphasis on information, which required integrating the website with various sources and document types.

What you’ll see today is a comprehensive website that provides high-value knowledge to readers and seekers of industry information, as well as a thoughtful design with a focus on the UX website redesign. The client wanted to incorporate more information to the site, such as fact sheets and annual reports. We created a function that merged URL and PDF buttons into the site in order to let the user view those items in a separate window. Topical news, data, stock prices, and career opportunities were also pulled in to the site through a third-party server, keeping the site purposeful and relevant to its industry.

WebCreek specializes in presenting complex ideas and information in a user-friendly way. Because this is usually the first contact your company has with a potential client, it makes sense to show them your information in the best way possible. If you need help in presenting your data to the world, contact us to start the conversation.

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