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A New Website and Content Management System

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Creating a self-sufficient CMS for a website client

We had already been working with this client, a midstream energy company, to build a top-notch website. Our mandate then expanded to create a fully self-sufficient content management system so that administrative staff could maintain their own site.

We created the ability to add and edit images, links, and text. We also wrote a user guide to help with training their staff. The CMS or content management system had a modular interface that matched the visuals on the site, and we made sure it was incredibly easy to navigate. We also added scheduling features to help pre-build content and developed a complex hierarchy for permissions to the CMS.

WebCreek specializes in creating custom software solutions for our clients. That includes not only software development but also design and training help. One often-overlooked aspect of a new website build is the training of the end-user. We take special care to make sure that not only does it look good, but that it is also functional and easy to use for the people that are actually using it. Part of the design and the UX/UI process is to make the website clean and intuitive. This should extend to the way you have people add and edit content. If you need help with your website and CMS, please give us a call.

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