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A sorely needed update for a fast-growing company’s website

Improving an outdated website for a logistics company growing faster than the speed of a FedEx overnight

Shipware was growing fast, and getting endorsements from the likes of Forbes, Inc, Bloomberg, and all the big players. As with every company that grows rapidly, they were getting more and more attention, which was, unfortunately, being directed towards a website that was a bit outdated. To make a more positive impact, and as part of their marketing strategy, we were asked to redo their highly-informational and text-heavy website. Let’s have a look at our logistics website redesign.

Our creative team got right on it, creating a clean look that embraced and enhanced the company’s already existing branding. We added color, images, and gave more direction to the high quantity of text on the site. We also gave it some flair with animated icons and pleasant transitions. The client really liked the site and we’re proud to have helped them get a solid positioning for future growth.

WebCreek specializes in creating custom websites for our clients. We take pride in finding solutions for the companies we work with, but also providing solutions for their clients as well. As a part of our design process, we look at the problems we are trying to solve for our clients to make sure our design includes solutions to those problems. Contact us to start the conversation on your next software project.

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