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Giving life to a new way of interacting with software

A logistics company for whom we’ve done a website, built an app and developed other groundbreaking technology. They wanted to take that work even further to create custom virtual assistant software to help clients navigate its wide-ranging and resource-rich system.

We helped them develop custom virtual assistant software, who was given the name Krystal. The program went through several iterations, at times descending into the uncanny valley–that uncomfortable feeling you get when something inanimate becomes too lifelike. But through our development process, we created a cool looking, non-creepy, and intelligent program that answered questions and anticipated problems for the benefit of their customers.

WebCreek specializes in creating custom solutions for our clients. We are constantly trying to make the business flow for our clients easier and more intuitive. This can be just by simplifying the process, or it can include presenting a complex concept in a more user-friendly way. Going through the design and development process can help to bring clarity to the task and requirements of the software. We also examine the needs of the end-user, and how we can address their issues and concerns. Contact us to start the conversation on how we can help improve your design and development process.

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