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Website redesign|Uniting style and function


A website and rebranding for the Guardians of Pressure Control™

Sentry sets the standard for service, quality, and customer satisfaction for the Oil and Gas industry. Our job was to further raise that standard by creating a custom oil and gas website that both informed its client base about its products and services and showed an updated brand personality.

The new website features bold new colors to match Sentry’s bold personality and a brand new logo created by the talented folks on our Creative team. We spent some quality time building stellar user experiences for visitors of the site and made sure that the website was easily manageable for long term use.

WebCreek specializes in creating custom software solutions for our clients. This latest custom oil and gas website sought to bring a new style to the company’s information. Often a technical company will focus on the information alone and needs help presenting it in a beautiful and logical way. The change is more than just esthetic. When the information is presenting in a logical and user-friendly way, it also helps the potential client become more engaged and spend more time interacting with the content. It can also bring credibility to the company, establishing that they are experts in their field and understand what the end-user needs. Contact us to start the conversation for your next website redesign.

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