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A revolutionary platform aiming to transform training and operations

Omni, developed by WebCreek®, is a VR training software platform that uses the latest VR technology to enhance operations in all kinds of industries. It’s uses range from worksite visualization to fully immersive training programs. It promises to create better, safer learning environments and reduce costs.

Omni has potential applications in industries spanning medicine and oil and gas, to construction and trucking. Environments can be built to look and function exactly as they would in real life, but enhanced in order to emphasize learning and visualization.

WebCreek specializes in creating custom VR software for training in the construction and oil and gas industries. We have found that using virtual reality to present ideas and to train new employees is an efficient way to get your new employees up to speed and on the job site quicker. Using a virtual environment puts the employee into real-world situations and helps them to retain best practices better than just reading the material. Using visual and audio clues helps to reinforce the new information. VR training also helps to engage the new generation of employees. This is an environment that they are increasingly becoming more accustomed to. They are presented with situations that look like they are in a game they are familiar with. Virtual reality training helps to bridge the gap between the virtual and the actual.

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