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Showing the benefits of OFS Pro custom field desktop app software

OFS Pro includes all the features necessary for optimizing field services

OFS Pro is a custom field desktop app designed to make work on the field easier and allows management to perform important back-office tasks in order to make better decisions in real-time. It has over 20 years in the industry and is trusted by many companies to help manage their businesses.

Some of the back-office functionality includes creating proposals, analyzing pricing, preparing field ticketing, assigning crews, tracking assets, and comprehensive invoicing. There is also schedule and dispatch functionality to track jobs throughout their whole lifecycle. Combine that with mobile capabilities, and you have a complete field service package.

WebCreek created this custom field desktop app to help with the oil and gas industry.

Listed Below Are Just Some Of The Many Features Of OFS PRO That Will Make It An Indispensable Tool For Your Business:
Improved Billing Accuracy
Improved Cash Flow
Real-Time Reporting to Management
Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
Customizable Industry Standard Forms
Electronic Signature Capture
Approval Routing and Invoicing
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reporting

We can help you streamline your internal workflow and process as well as presenting your data and information to your clients. Call us to start the conversation on your next software project.

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