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An animated video showing the power of OFS Pro in your pocket

The flexibility of a mobile device with the power of OFS Pro

Our premier oilfield software, OFS Pro, already gives people the power to manage their businesses effectively. With Mobile, it goes further by letting users capture data from directly in the field. With it’s on- and offline capabilities, personnel has the ability to combine powerful comprehensive oilfield software with the flexibility of their personal device.

Our creative team came up with a creative custom animation video to show all the mobile functions. It can take pictures and facilitate documentation, track assets and personnel in real-time, track time, provide incident reports, or whatever other requirements your company has. Since OFS Pro is customizable, the power of the mobile version is limited only by your vision.

WebCreek specializes in building custom oilfield applications to make your workflow and data presentation more beautiful. While data can often be boring if not presented in the right way, just changing the presentation can often influence the function and the usability of the data. If a user interface is intuitive and engaging, it creates a better experience for the client. Contact us to start the conversation on how we can present your company or data in a practical and beautiful way.

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