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Assets shouldn’t be so hard to find

custom oil and gas mobile software

Track assets with a mobile device, Bluetooth beacons, GPS, and more

The introduction of our OFS Pro mobile app allowed exponential advancement of asset tracking software. Assets are expensive, can be delicate and, most of all is necessary for the work. It shouldn’t be difficult to track something that is so important to the good functioning of a field site.

Integrating Bluetooth beacons allows you to see exactly where an asset is in real-time for the purposes of use or maintenance. Our asset tracking software has allowed companies to save money by locating nearby, crucial equipment at a moment’s notice. Users can also use photos to enhance documentation related to assets and jobs.

WebCreek specializes in providing complete and custom solutions for Oil and Gas companies. While many processes are similar and the work itself can be the same from company to company, we have found that each company specializes in addressing specific needs and requests from the client. That is why we build custom apps for custom solutions. We take into account your end-user and the needs they have. The closer we can match that intent and address the specific problems they have, the better the experience they will have with the custom mobile app. Contact us to start the conversation on how we can best meet your client’s needs.

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