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A new approach for end-users in the logistics industry

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This is the expansion of an already strong system, making everyday procedures more dynamic

A web application was designed and built for a logistics industry solution company that needed to work with a massive pool of potential clients and carriers in the United States. The principal objective of this application was to expand geographically by offering their services all over the United States just with the use of a web application.

The principal benefits of this app implementation are:

  • A rapid expansion of new clients in geographical areas where they had no presence before
  • Reduced negotiation times with potential clients
  • Streamlining logistics industry processes through the implementation of GPS and interactive maps
  • Customers can track their services and also validate delivery times, routes, delays, etc.
  • Customers can negotiate the costs of each service directly with carriers, this makes the process much more transparent and agile
  • It facilitates required documentation (BOL, POD, Invoices, Photos, Specific requirements, etc.) exchange, visualization, and downloads for the logistic processes
  • Drivers can save preferred routes by using the app available in the App Store
  • Ratings and feedback regarding the service provider can be added to the app after the service has been provided

By implementing new technologies it is also possible to improve customer satisfaction. Logistics industry automation is used to decrease the number of delivery errors and leave a lot less room for human error.

WebCreek can help to streamline your logistics company with custom software. Not only will it help with your internal processes, but also make your client interactions more intuitive and user-friendly.

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