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User experience and interaction design for a leading firm of banking solutions

WebCreek helped a financial services software provider redesign the user interface templates used in their banking systems. These have been used by some of the most recognized financial institutions in Latin America.

The project involved a UX and UI redesign of the financial services client’s current application through the development of an XD prototype which included several recommendations for the client.

The initial objective of the consulting phase was to improve user experience and satisfaction which would result in an enhanced perception of the brand and the organization. The UX will help users find the information they need and perform actions in a more effective way. Not only do these improvements provide the user with a better experience, but they will also result in fewer support calls and support cases.

With the proposed changes, they will be in a position to increase reach, engagement, and conversions. This increase in prospects and subscriptions will set them up for more sales and improved profits in the long run.

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Financial services software can combine integrated document management, business process management, and records management in a single application. Whether deployed as a hosted or premises-based solution, it allows organizations to automate business processes and reduce the time and cost of performing important business functions through the management and control of the content.

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