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Redesigning a financial services website for optimum UX

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Custom Software Development WebCreek
Custom Software Development WebCreek

A financial services and investment firm needed a new fresh website to go along with their overall brand redesign. 

A global leader for hedging technology and expertise, helps companies from a spectrum of markets (Energy, Refined Products, Rates, Metals, and more) to hedge their investment portfolios. Even though we had previously redesigned their website– making it multi-page, robust, and flexible– expanding services created the need for an even better website with more features.

Our creative gurus designed a website with a refreshing new look based on the client’s growth, with all the functions needed to provide information with an even better user experience. Content may be king, but the user experience is the kingdom. That is why this website integrates a complimentary web app, which we proudly developed, too. Per client request, we added extra functionalities to the solution, like synchronizing databases to Hubspot.

WebCreek specializes in creating custom websites and applications for our clients. We’re glad to see that, as our clients expand in services, we expand towards new challenges and knowledge.

We start our design process by looking at what problems the new website will solve. What questions are our clients asking? Which problems do they want us to solve, and how can we go even further? Then, we can be confident that our digital solution will not only be beautiful, but will also allow our clients to solve their users’ problems.

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