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Embracing educational experiences for music through intuitive interfaces

As a result of a consulting project, WebCreek developed a prototype virtual music learning website designed as a resource for music students, teachers, and studios.

Students can log in and view a huge curated library of guitar chords and sheet music, track their progress against specific goals, and share their own music with the entire community.

Teachers can set up lessons and assignments, manage payments from students, and add their own content to the website’s ever-growing library of music and theory.

Lastly, studios can manage large amounts of teachers and students in a single place, pair students with the best teachers, manage billing and set their own studio curricula easily and efficiently from the virtual music learning website.

The result was a beautifully realized prototype of their website, with over 50 fully designed prototype screens. These screens demonstrated the core Student, Teacher, and Studio experiences and were used by the client for Demos and Marketing purposes.

Education these days is about sharing your knowledge. This project outlined how to create a community of sharing musical ideas and training with a greater audience, while also assisting with the day to day business needs of professional teachers and studios.

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