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A high end logistic system for exporters

Building a world-class system for a global exporter

EBF Cargo is a major exporter of flowers from Ecuador to all over the world, an undeniably complicated logistical feat. Their process starts on flower farms and ends in flower markets far and wide. Building their business from the ground up includes solving technological problems in unique ways–a patch here, a patch there, as long as it works. They required a custom logistic website to help them with that process.

WebCreek was called in to take that process and knit it together into a cohesive package. From coordinating with farmers to notifying shippers, airports, and storage facilities, we’ve helped EBF Cargo make their business logic, well…logical. It’s a huge undertaking but one which will undoubtedly result in the sweet smell of success.

“We love how you guys are always very organized, punctual, and understand our requirements.”

Kathy – EBF Cargo

WebCreek specializes in creating custom software and websites for our clients. In this case, we built a custom logistic website to help our client organize their work and make it functionally beautiful for their clients. Making it intuitive means that they spend less time troubleshooting, and more time developing relationships. Contact us to start the conversation for your next logistics software project.

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