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A solution for facilitating the safety of our school kids

Developing an educational app for entrepreneurs

A couple of schoolteachers came up with an idea to help their school manage a difficult process that every school faces. The idea was to create an educational app that makes pick-ups and drop-offs at schools easier, more orderly, and more transparent. Why make parents and teachers alike worry about the chaos that happens at the end of the school day?

Working together with stakeholders in the education world, we helped create a custom app that imagined the best process possible for pick-ups and drop-offs. As you can imagine, it’s a delicate topic because kids, whose safety above all needed to be considered, are involved. We’re proud that the hours we dedicated to developing this app will help contribute to the betterment of education.

WebCreek specializes in creating custom apps for the education industry. It is a great way to present ideas and concepts to students and teachers. It is a natural fit to work with how information and data is organized and presented. Our approach is to create something that is not only functional but also beautiful. This makes it easy to use, but it also helps to give the end-user a good experience.

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