Design for a brand with teachers in mind

Creating a unified branding message for a custom education app

The impetus for this branding design was the development of a custom education app for picking up and dropping off school kids. We had to decide from which point of view we should begin the design process. It had to encompass stakeholders ranging from teachers to school kids, parents, and administrators.

In the end, we decided to focus more on teachers, since they would be the ones administering the process. The goal was to make it visually interesting, with a color palette that helped to define functionality, and which also balanced the need for clarity, youthfulness, and reliability. The result was a simple geometric icon with an accompanying design environment. We succeeded in conveying the point of the application while speaking to teachers’ sensibilities.

WebCreek specializes in creating custom software and mobile apps for many industries including the education field. We have found it is a natural fit because expressing your ideas clearly is an essential part of education in general. We can often help to present the already clear ideas that educational groups have, in a way that the users can clearly understand. Our goal when building a custom app is to present your ideas or data clearly to the end-user. That is why working with schools makes a lot of sense for us and for them. Contact us to start the conversation for your new education software project.

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