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Ongoing development services for the transportation industry

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custom transportation management solutions

Transportation Management Software for a well-established logistics and shipping company

Our longstanding relationship with Broussard Logistic Services has been mutually beneficial. We answer any technological needs they may have so that they can dedicate themselves strictly to improving and innovating in their field of expertise–transportation and logistics. We offer targeted development and live support for their groundbreaking TMS or Transportation Management Software.

Broussard’s TMS system offers a wide range of features to help customers manage, control and lower their freight and transport costs. We continue making improvements as the complex world of LTL, FCL, LCL, trans-oceanic, freight and premium transport services evolves. This system has been built to adapt to each client to allow the maximum in utility and ease. WebCreek is proud to have put its imprint on such a unique and game-changing system.

WebCreek specializes in creating custom solutions for logistics and data companies. We can not only help to streamline your internal processes, but it can also provide your data and information to your clients in an intuitive and beautiful way. Contact us if you would like to start the conversation to see how we can provide you with the digital solution that is perfect for you and for your clients.

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