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Redesigning a financial services website for optimum UX

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A financial services and investment firm needed a new polished website

Aegis Energy Risk helps companies to hedge their energy investment portfolios. Their previous website was on the simple side, a single page that scrolled up and down. While it provided a wealth of information, it didn’t communicate that information in an ideal way for the modern reader. So we started with designing a new financial services website for them and their clients.

Our creative gurus designed a website with a refreshing new look based on a new structure, giving the user as much information as before, but more easily accessible to the eye. Content may be king, but the user experience is the kingdom.

WebCreek specializes in creating custom websites and applications for our clients. In the modern business world, companies face more and more unique problems. As the digital world becomes more complex, we are faced with more complex issues. Unique problems demand unique solutions. We start our design process by looking at the problems we are trying to solve with the new website. What questions are our clients asking? What problems can we solve for them? Then we can be confident that the digital solution will not only be beautiful but that it will put you in a position to solve your client’s problems. Contact us to start the conversation for your latest digital project.

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