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Oil and Gas Software that’s Created Near and Reaches Far

Our custom software development and Nearshore IT staffing solutions are designed and engineered to boost productivity and minimize risks.

We help you gain competitive industry advantage, providing actionable data and streamlining tools that optimize operations:

And that’s how we connect the dots worldwide.

Upstream Software Solutions

With a comprehensive understanding of the specific challenges faced in the Upstream Oil and Gas sector, we design custom Exploration and Production (E&P) software solutions that help minimize risks, improve productivity, and keep up with the increasingly-technological demand.

  • Drilling software like: HDD directional drilling software or Daily Drilling Report software
  • Oil & Gas management software
  • Field services management / ticketing
  • 3D Visualization and simulation
  • Land management
  • Geophysical Modelling software
  • Safety (QHSE) Management systems

Upstream Software Solutions

Midstream Software Solutions

From field to refineries, we help optimize the supply chain and logistics requirements of a complex and dynamic industry.

Our end-to-end pipeline management and performance software provides actionable data to inform successful decisions. Keep vendors and providers organized, while simplifying contracts and asset management.

  • TMS
  • WMS
  • Pipeline management and performance software
  • Contract and assets management
  • Liquid natural gas management
  • Crude management
  • Natural gas management

Midstream Software Solutions

Downstream Software Solutions

We create software solutions to boost refinery performance, maximize energy trading, and manage the downstream supply chain– for seamless efficiency from start to finish.

  • Customer portals
  • Supply chain management
  • Refinery management
  • WMS
  • Energy trading and risk management
  • Contract and deal management

Midstream Software Solutions

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Custom Oil and Gas training solutions

  • Industry-specific training in a risk-free and immersive virtual environment, totally customized to fit your requirements.

  • Maximize productivity, engagement, and learning performance with VR simulations that keep your staff safe and ready for any situation.

  • Reduce costs and multiply your team’s capabilities, with our cross-device training solutions.

VR training solution for Oil & Gas

Nearshore IT Services that Unlock Business Advantage

WebCreek’s suite of IT outsourcing services provides top development talent that enables all organizations to extend their IT capabilities.

Software Outsourcing

Dedicated to solving business problems with sophisticated software solutions, via intuitive user interfaces that always deliver an enticing user experience. Live the luxury of our bespoke solutions, customized to your specific requirements.

Staff Augmentation

Extend your IT team quickly with pre-certified, high-skilled IT professionals, and achieve your business objectives. Our vetting process guarantees quality, proficient talent for you.

Dedicated Teams

Our dedicated teams partner with clients to handle IT projects from start to finish. Every team is equipped with a SCRUM master who works alongside the client, fulfilling the company’s mission and keeping things streamlined.

We have an expert for every occasion.

Hire C# developers


Hire .net developers


Hire angular developers


Hire typescript developers


Hire JS developers


Hire ASP .net developers


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Hire SQL developers


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Hire Swift developers


Hire ionic developers


Hire wordpress developers


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Why WebCreek?

  1. We leverage two decades of experience optimizing methodology, ever-refining an approach that guarantees satisfaction.
  2. Quality meets efficiency meets cost-effective.
  3. Really, it’s not too good to be true. We are leaders in nearshoring business strategy, experts in networking close connections. Combining this efficiency with agile SCRUM development, we guarantee the best product and a painless process.

Oil Field Software that’s Created Near
and Reaches Far

Oil and gas custom software

From scratch, for you. It’s the custom Oil & Gas Management Software you’ve always imagined, made real at your fingertips.

Excelling Customer Service

Ensure that your business operates smoothly, especially for your customers. With the ability to audit processes in real-time, you can resolve issues faster and avoid reputation-tainting complaints.

Fitting Specific Needs

Packaged programs can’t anticipate your requirements, and you often end up paying for features that will never be useful. Custom software, however, is the opposite, designed completely for your business-- from its function to color to logo, you name it.

Beating Competition

Using custom-built software, you achieve above-average performances with less effort, thus providing a higher-quality service. And that will set you a cut above the rest.

Ensuring Long-term Savings

Optimizing task automation and reducing manual labor, custom software cuts production costs and revitalizes efficiency.

Boosting Growth

Since custom software development is contract-based, its creators can shape and reshape programs to fit your growing enterprise.

Bolstering Your Team with Ours

You have an oil well software need, and our IT nearshoring experts can meet it. We offer collaboration that listens to your goals and joins you in achieving them.

How it works:

planning software project1

Envision a game-changing project, but lack tech talent to make it a reality.

listing IT project requirement2

List all the exacting skills required for the IT experts who will join your team.

setting IT costs3

Determine a budget that fits your company’s goals, without breaking bank.

IT customer service4

Send us the SOS request for talent, and start looking forward to digital success.

IT augment process5

Vet candidates from our database and beyond, based on our own IT expertise.

IT staffing recruitment6

Offer you the highest-caliber profiles, for you to see their skill and select a fit.

dedicated professional teams7

Interview your top candidates against our highest quality industry standards.

hire developers8

Offer contract opportunity to the chosen and very best in the business.

Let’s discuss your next Staff Augmentation Requirement

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