Offshore Software Development

Hiring and managing an in-house team can bring with it some challenges. Nearshoring or offshore software development can provide you with the options of hiring developers for a short term project. You will be able to gain access to a large pool of highly-skilled talent while saving time in both hirings and in project efficiencies. Let’s have a look at some of the things to consider and best practices for offshoring or nearshoring software development.

How Outsourcing Makes Sense?

Control Capital Costs: Working within an existing framework and structure for your software development can mean that you don’t have to spend your budget on systems that you won’t need. A professional nearshoring partner can help you with keeping your capital costs under control.

Reduce Labor Costs: Outsourcing your software development can be a cost-effective solution to either implementing a new internal software solution or updating your existing system. You don’t necessarily need to hire a whole new department to achieve your goals. Hiring a small outsourced team can provide you with the unique talent you need while staying within your budget.

Focus on your core business: An offshore software development team can take care of the technical details of software development while your company can focus on other priorities like customer care and marketing. You aren’t paying for resources that you aren’t using. Both the offshoring vendor and the client can focus on what they do the best making the projects more efficient.

Reduce Risk: There is a certain amount of risk in any software project because the technologies change very quickly. A nearshoring outsourcing provider can keep current with the latest technology and you are able to hire the professionals with the specialized skillset that you need.

Best Practices for Offshore Software Development

Here are some general guidelines when you are looking to find an offshoring or nearshoring software development.

Choose your partner carefully: When you do any hiring, you need to make the right decisions. This can be a long term relationship, depending on the size of the project and you want to be able to trust the partners you are working with.

Always stay in the loop: Communication is key to the success of any project. Your software partner needs to keep you up to date on the status of the project and quickly respond to your requests. The collaboration will help to define your business goals and understand the issues within the project.

Be clear on Expectations: Defining expectations should be an essential part of any project setup. This could include several documents and discovery sessions to make sure the expectations are clear on both sides.

Get ownership of the Application Architecture: While the application development should be secure, you should be able to have a look at the work as it is ongoing. You must feel comfortable enough with your software vendor to ask for access to measure quality and performance.

Build a Minimum Viable Product: With nearshoring software development, one can achieve significant cost-savings by building a model that can be used to define your idea and provide it to investors and even potential clients. The product reaches maturity and can start to bring a return on your initial software investment.

Encourage shared values: Bringing other people onto your project or team can also bring in a different set of experiences and values. Make sure you are comfortable with collaborating with the team that you chose. Start with the idea that you can learn from each other as the project develops.

Reuse Components: When you start to define the project, start by thinking in terms of modules that can be reused. Components can be developed more quickly if the developer is using existing components. Prioritizing the most significant components will help with design, documents, and allocating resources on the project.

Develop small but highly skilled teams: Using a small team to augment your existing team means that you can hire only the developers that your project needs. Having more developers doesn’t always mean the work will be done quicker. An experienced and highly skilled developer will ofter save time by efficiencies that experience brings. With a nearshoring software partner, you will have the help of the team lead to determine the resources for the team.


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