Custom Web Application Development

At WebCreek we specialize in custom web application development, but we have provided services for projects ranging from basic landing pages and redesigns to complex customized mobile solutions. When we start any new projects, we always focus on helping our clients achieve their business goals. While we work we the latest technologies and practices, we know that any data management solution that we provide will only be as useful as the architecture and design. So we always start with developing web applications with the end user’s needs and how our client can meet their unique needs.

We are able to tailor a custom solution for your business. Because each app is designed to meet a unique need for the client, the interfaces are also designed to give the optimal user experience.

No matter the size of the projects, from a single application to an entire suite of web apps, starting with the user’s need, gives the best results. Bringing exceptional results to our clients is the ultimate goal.

As the size of the projects for web applications has grown to include all the functions of native applications, the latest technologies advance with design and provide the best experience for the user. Part of the user experience is making technology as seamless as possible.

Dedicated Web Team

Building a dedicated software development team with a retainer might be a great option for you. It’s a pay-as-you-go monthly contract that can be extended for as long as you need to work on your project. You will be able to get our technical expertise, infrastructure, and abilities just like we are working in the same office. In our experience, communication between the two teams is improved by being in a similar time zone. In general, our clients work with WebCreek because their existing software doesn’t meet the requirements, or can’t be customized in the way they need. Custom web application development is often the next step for them.

Fixed Price Projects

If you have a project that has well-defined boundaries, you might be interested in going with a fixed-price contract. Once the budget is established, the client is billed a fixed amount for a specific group of tasks. This can often be a simple and transparent arrangement.

Again, the projects start with determining the needs and challenges your end-user needs solved. This doesn’t have to be a complete solution, because we can work on that together. The more accurately we determine the problems, the easier it is to provide a solution. Our experience and expertise in various projects ensure that we ask the right questions for your project. We not only know the pitfalls, but also the ways to avoid them and the path to success for the project. We can build the solution to your client’s needs and actual use of technology to solve problems. This process starts with our initial session or Discovery Phase of the project.

Initial Discovery Phase

Once the Discovery phase has started, we look to identify and involve the key people that are involved in the decision, or stakeholders. Getting the feedback from the key stakeholders not only saves time by avoiding costly delays and misunderstandings, but it also makes sure you are developing an app that meets the needs of everyone involved in the process. While involving too many people in the process can complicate things, it also opens up the project to new ideas and can eliminate unnecessary steps in the process. Determining priorities can be easier when everyone is involved from the beginning.


While developing custom software applications can seem like a complicated process, it can help to augment your existing team with a WebCreek custom team. You can rely on our experts to provide business and development insight while hiring an agile team to supplement your existing team for development. With our 20 years of expertise in providing cost-effective and high-quality solutions for our clients, you can trust that we will be able to guide your project just as we have done for startups, SMEs, and enterprises worldwide.

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