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In any business, communication problems account for many of the stresses in day to day business. Sometimes this can start with the interaction between employees, but often there are breakdowns in the communication channels resulting in not everyone being on the same page. WebCreek custom portal development looks for efficient ways to assist with both your internal and external communication. This results in a more engaging experience for all the stakeholders of your company. 

How Can WebCreek Portal Development Benefit Your Business?

The development of the Internet has removed geographic barriers for many businesses. This change has made it necessary to scale data access from a local solution to providing global access to your data. You may have offices and users from around the world, and they all may require varying levels of access. All the new requirements require new solutions with high priority to data access and security of your data. Our solutions improve communication and access while protecting your vital data.

Then what exactly is a web portal?

There can be a lot of confusion around the difference between a web page and a web portal. While there can be some similarities, there are also some distinct differences making them not interchangeable.  One of the primary differences between a website and a web portal is that a web portal gives the user a single point of access. As a general guideline, if you are asked to sign in to a website, it is likely a web portal. With a web portal, you can provide and limit access to specific users and user groups. 

For example, if you are a University student, you might have a web portal to access your course information. You should be able to see the general course content, but also you will have specific access to content that is just for you. This might be in messages or feedback on your assignments. When the instructor accesses the same web portal, they will be able to see and edit the class information that is only available to them. They will have a higher level of access, but it is all through the same portal. 

Businesses can also use web portals where you want to administer access between departments and users. The administrators can add, edit, and access information to specific segments of clients. This can be fully customizable depending on the specific industry and business.

When you start to think about your next software project, it can be quite intimidating. Web portal development can become very involved and it can turn in to a long process. This is where you need a clearly defined workflow and organized process. Just like when you are building a website to promote your business, your portal development needs to go through stages with specific goals. Our agile development teams guide you through the process and each stage to complete your software project.

Web Portal in the Healthcare Industry

In the last several years, the IT industry has helped the healthcare industry to improve its communication with its clients through the use of web portals. They allow patients and even relatives to have access to their own health records and reporting. This is also an access point for general information for health, some guidelines for maintaining good health, and a streamlined system to make appointments and contact your medical doctors online.

This portal not only allows access to records, it really helps the patient become a full partner in their own health journey. They can have access to information that will help them make better decisions about the diagnostic processes and help them to see the progress on the treatments. A successful client portal will give access to information and also provide a new channel to facilitate communication between the patient and the health care provider and their team.


Many businesses are working with technology to improve their customer care, communication with users, as well as maintaining privacy and security. While this process can seem intimidating at first, our team of highly trained and capable developers and project leads will use their experience to complete your project. Our experience provides helpful insight into getting your best software product developed and in the hands of the end-user. 

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