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An Oil and Gas innovator noticed a need in the industry. Its outdated training processes in high-risk environments were inefficient and failed to protect new staff members from onsite dangers. Companies were also incurring high costs in recreating such environments and situations, as well as in arranging appropriate locations, transportation, and talent contracted to teach.

This inspired TrainBeyond to look for the right partner in developing an effective, measurable, and scalable VR training solution to solve these, and many more, challenges.

We developed a custom training solution, featuring:

  • An interactive VR interface that creates immersive Oil & Gas experiences
  • Game-style training modules that use a VR headset or cross-device interface to simulate day-to-day circumstances and unexpected challenges
  • Exercises that grade performance and teach employees how to handle real-life emergency situations
  • Management tools for stakeholders and supervisors to track user progress
    Desktop, VR, and mobile compatibility

This solution revolutionized Oil & Gas training operations, increasing learning retention and reducing risks and costs. And even more, it’s a highly scalable technology with the option to customize environments across any industry.

Technologies Used

angular development


SQL Server


Team and Duration

Creative Director
Project Lead
Business Analyst
Technical Lead
Project Lead Assistant
QA Analyst
Marketing Specialist
Software Engineers
Unity Developers
Software Engineers
Web Developer
UX Designer
3D Designer
Content Specialist

3+ years in the making of development and enhancements

Services Provided

UX/UI Design Technical Architecture Software Development Web Development QA Engineering Business Analysis Project Management Digital Marketing Content Creation 3D Modeling and Animation Support and Maintenance

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