When To Turn To Staff Augmentation

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Thinking about how to increase staff can be challenging. Many business owners, when short on staff, ask about when to turn to staff augmentation when developing a project or improving the knowledge base in different areas of the company. Productivity is very important for any business, and staff augmentation provides staffing solutions to increase productivity. Companies’ staff needs vary and staff augmentation helps to satisfy this variety of needs.

But, to help determine if your company needs staff augmentation, there are different situations in which this strategy can benefit your team in ways that other models of team expansion would not.

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When To Turn To Staff Augmentation

Here’s When To Turn To Staff Augmentation

You have a short-term project

Staffing short-term projects can be difficult, especially when sometimes you only need the team for the duration of a specific project. Carrying out the traditional hiring process for a short-term project can seem like a waste of time. But, staff outsourcing can help. Staff augmentation can greatly help companies that require staff for a short-term project because it saves time in the hiring process and acquires the necessary tools quickly. Additionally, the staff augmentation company is in charge of the entire process and facilitates the increase of staff for a certain time.

You need new staff but cannot afford employee training

It can also be an alternative to traditional recruitment — better known as in-house recruitment — and can provide some flexibility in adding new team members without having to train them, as they will already have the necessary knowledge required. This can help reduce costs and increase productivity as long as this staff increase is for short-term projects.

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When To Turn To Staff Augmentation

You need subject-matter experts

During the development of a new project, the problem of not having experts in that area on your team may arise. As such, hiring talent with those specific skills and knowledge can be difficult, especially when contractual and administrative discussions take time. Therefore, it is more feasible to use staff augmentation to acquire these individuals and save time without going through a tedious selection process.

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Your company requires innovation

Sometimes companies need a new face with a fresh perspective, to find their rhythm again. If your team has difficulties bringing new ideas to the table in the initial phase of a project, consider resorting to staff augmentation for new, fresh, and outside perspectives. These individuals will be able to contribute new ideas thanks to their different experiences and knowledge, thus taking the project in a new direction.


Choosing staff augmentation as an expansion model will depend on the situation your company finds itself in and what its objectives are. But it is a good option to increase your software team. Among the most important factors to consider is the length of the project (as it is more favorable for short-term projects), the need to hire trained temporary workers, the need for subject-matter experts, and requiring new perspectives for innovation. 

If you consider these recommendations, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of staff augmentation to improve the efficiency of your company in the recruitment process. And this is something we can help with at WebCreek, we can provide a variety of staffing solutions to increase company productivity. 

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