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✅ What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that allows companies to fill specific, temporary roles in order to achieve business objectives. 

This staffing method complements existing teams with specific talent, enhancing business capabilities or filling gaps left by members on extended leave. And, it’s a high-control strategy,  granting the hiring company direct management over the augmented staff. 

Today, thanks to the benefits of staff augmentation, this type of outsourcing model is growing in popularity–  now a 500 billion dollar industry. The trend is fueled by its cost-reduction results, as well as its efficiency in recruiting certified and previously-vetted personnel.

While there are many roles that can be filled through staff augmentation, developers and IT experts are the number one type of talent hired through this method. Accounting and HR positions are other roles commonly sought through staff augmentation companies.  

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✅ What is the difference between IT Staff Augmentation and Managed Services?

Both outsourcing strategies are fairly new, sometimes confused one for the other. 

Staff augmentation focuses on temporarily hiring outside personnel to expand or support an organization’s capabilities, maintaining management and directive control in the hands of the contracting company.  

In contrast, managed services, or dedicated managed teams, aim solely to deliver a desired outcome or product, leaving management and process control to the staffing company.

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✅ How does IT Staff Augmentation work?

Organization can use this powerful tool to S to increase agility and speed response time, addressing technical shortcomings and fulfilling business objectives. 

What the hiring company will do:

  1. Identify the skills and resources desired for IT experts to contribute 
  2. Provide this information to a chosen staff augmentation company
  3. Receive the highest-caliber profiles for reviewal and selection
  4. Provide an appropriate onboarding process 
  5. Reap the benefits of adding expert talent to a team

What the IT staff augmentation company will do:

  1. Recieve the request and gather details needed to begin the vetting process
  2. Hand-pick certified IT talent
  3. Send top-selected profiles that fit the petition
  4. Interview selected candidates against the highest industry standards
  5. Provide the hiring company with the chosen and very best talent in the business

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✅ When may a company need Staff Augmentation?

The company… 

  • has just signed a new client, but current staff is already working overtime.
  • has successful development work, but is worried that customer service will suffer.
  • needs to replace a specialized employee who has taken an extended leave. 
  • doesn’t currently offer a specialized skill requested by a client. Support is needed to train the company’s current team, and bring its staff members up to speed on new technologies.
  • has had problems hiring the right people for the job, and must temporarily hire someone else to fill the gap.
  • must expand its team, but isn’t sure by how much or in which positions. IT augmentation allows businesses the chance to test their team sizes and skill levels to find the best fit.

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Whether in need of reinforcements to keep projects on track, or testing a team’s size and skill level, staff augmentation allows companies to scale up or down according to their needs. Having non-permanent workers from a trusted agency allows them to focus on the management of the project, without worrying about staffing.

Of course, some training will be involved, and team chemistry is very important in the decision; but the right staffing agency will efficiently add the right skilled people to any team, just when they’re most needed.

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