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Ways WebCreek’s Nearshoring Model Can Reduce Business Costs

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Jason Bott
ByPor Jason Bott

Jason has been working as a consultant and project manager with enterprises of all sizes for over 20 years. His expertise lies in utilizing technology to solve problems that reduce costs and increase profits. He has been instrumental in implementing successful software projects for Shell, NOV, C&J, Nabors, Total, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Noble, American Tower, AIG, NASA, Nike as well as many smaller firms.

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Business operation and/or production costs can be expensive. Footing expensive bills for overheads, recruitment costs, onboarding expenses, legal fees and more can eat away business profit. So, many executives in their search for ways to reduce business costs and improve their business’ efficiency have turned to nearshoring and other staff augmentation solutions to help with their saving initiatives. In fact 59% of businesses that have turned to nearshoring did it to reduce costs. This is where WebCreek’s Nearshoring Model can help.

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WebCreek’s Nearshoring Model Makes the Difference

Many companies that have sought out alternative staffing methods have not gotten the desired results—simply because many outsourcing companies have not established a nearshoring model that can truly improve the efficiency of businesses and reduce their costs. 

The good news is that WebCreek’s nearshoring model is not one size fits all. Different businesses need different solutions that will seek to reduce their expenses. The point of the model is to cater to the exact needs of the company. This way the company isn’t getting more or less than they need. WebCreek’s approach of catering unique staffing solutions to each company, is meant to remedy the faults of the company and eliminate any unnecessary costs that came with them.

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webcreek's nearshoring model

4 Ways WebCreek’s Nearshoring Model Can Reduce Business Costs

  1. Reduced Overheads 

One of the business expenses that WebCreek can really help to reduce are overheads. The cost of employees coming into the office everyday isn’t slim. Rent, utilities, office supplies and computers among other overheads are arguably most business most costly expenses. Businesses are already paying staff their salary to come to and do work, having them pay another hefty sum on top of that to house their staff is a hard ask.

However, the good news is having to essentially pay to accommodate people at work is no longer an absolute necessity, and WebCreek’s nearshoring model shows this. WebCreek’s staffing solutions provide companies with top talents that work remotely, reducing administrative overheads like rent, utilities, office supplies, and computers. 

  1. Reduced Recruitment Costs

Similar to the hunt for a job at a good place with a good salary and good co-workers, the search companies do to find the right candidate for their vacancies can be rough and take a long time. And just as how the job hunt can be costly owing to the need to afford transportation to the interview, maybe get a new haircut or hairdo, buy a new outfit, print a few resumes etc, some companies spend a lot of time and money to recruit candidates.

They may either look to hire a recruiter during the times they need to fill positions or they may look to pay for spots on job boards for candidates to apply. The problem with this is the more positions you need to fill, the more expenses you will incur. Recruiters aren’t cheap, especially when their task is to find top quality professionals to bring into the company. Job board fees can be a gamble since you aren’t sure the applicants will be what the company needs or is looking for. 

With WebCreek’s wide talent catalog and candidate presentation system companies don’t need to pay recruiters and advertising costs for each position they intend to fill. WebCreek doesn’t need to charge hefty recruiting fees, the talents are already ready to work. WebCreek is constantly adding top quality talent to the talent catalog, and these are the same talents that will be presented when companies need to add to their team or even make a new team. 

  1. Reduced Onboarding Expenses

Not only do companies incur expenses for the recruitment process, they incur expenses once the candidates are hired. Companies have different procedures, practices and cultures that they expect their staff to abide by. Traditionally, this would call for some sort of onboarding exercise that will immerse new staff members into the company. Some companies even have a mandatory training program/period that every incoming talent must undergo. Regardless of the onboarding method, costs will be incurred. Whether it be the cost of compensation to the new staff for the training period, cost for training personnel and materials, space rentals, and lunch or refreshments.

WebCreek’s staffing solutions cut out the need for companies to incur the costs for training and orientations. There’s little to no need to spend on onboarding and training activities. WebCreek talents are trained top quality professionals, and they would not join the company as an employee or operate as such. They would serve as an augmentation of the company’s project team or staff and wouldn’t need any rigorous onboarding into the company–reducing a significant amount of costs for staff onboarding.

  1. Reduced Legal Fees

Between contracts, visa sponsorships and other document preparations, legal fees can catch you off guard in a very expensive way. Many companies incur thousands of dollars in legal fees for contract drafting and redrafting, visa sponsorship documents and filing, and other formalities that may arise during the employment process and period.

With WebCreek, companies can spend less on legal fees, document preparation, and visa sponsorships. WebCreek’s nearshoring model eliminates the need for visa sponsorships, and takes care of talent hiring formalities

WebCreek’s nearshoring model is designed to eliminate or reduce costs that many businesses incur from traditional employment methods or from using staff augmentation solutions from other companies. WebCreek knows and has known that the world is moving away from traditional employment for a variety of reasons. So, as a nearshoring company providing staffing solutions for over 25 years, we are able to provide companies with the highest quality nearshoring model that will suit their business and reduce their expenses. 

Contact us to get started on nearshoring solutions that suit your business and cuts your expenses.