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Staff Augmentation: Why Trust WebCreek’s Rigorous Vetting Process

Three profiles moving through our vetting process.
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ByPor Toni-Ann

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At WebCreek, we believe that software is only as good as the people who make it. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing the best development and engineering talent to work on your IT projects. 

The process of finding these amazing people isn’t a simple one. It’s very similar to  finding needles in a haystack where the needle represents the top 3% of tech talent in a pool of thousands, even millions of people claiming to have software development skills.

Vetting potential talent helps us ensure that they align with our company’s values and yours. By conducting due diligence, we identify any red flags or risks that could negatively impact your projects down the line. 

Our vetting process involves a range of activities such as conducting background checks, assessing technical skill and evaluating English proficiency.  In this blog, we’ll outline our full rigorous screening process for hiring tech talent so you can be comfortable knowing that the talent you receive at WebCreek is certified and highly skilled.  

Thorough Vetting Process

Step 1 – Search our database for CVs that match your requirements

We are actively hiring to ensure we always have a supply of talent. That means our resume pool is quite extensive. Whenever you specify the skills you need, we immediately search for your ideal match in our database. 

Step 2 – Assess candidate skills using specialized tests

After we’ve narrowed down a handful of talent from our database, we begin our intense evaluation process. Each prospective hire receives specialized tests such as English comprehension and writing to assess their English proficiency. We use the CEFR as a benchmark, and only candidates who are content specialists deemed B2 or higher can move on to the next round of screening. 

Step 3 – Conduct in-house technical interviews and coding exercises if needed

Reading and writing are one thing, but listening and speaking fluently in English is another. Because most of our talents are from Latin America and speak Spanish, and our clients are from the USA and Canada, it is of utmost importance that communication in English is as seamless as possible. Therefore, prospects meet with our teams for interviews to get a better view of their technical experience and evaluate their ability to understand and communicate verbally. 

Regarding coding, our specialized senior developer will create a high quality coder exercise according to the position requirements for whatever job and tech stack. Then prospects have about an hour to code in real-time where we evaluate their skills and also theoretical and practical knowledge.

Step 4 – References and criminal records are verified

Not all candidates make it past step 3, but the ones that do are subject to further tests to prove their legitimacy. We need to know if each candidate is suitable and reliable for the job. We ask candidates to provide two references and a copy of their criminal record. We must learn about each person’s character and verify that the information they provide on their CV and interview is true. 

Step 5 – Send matching profiles for your evaluation

By this time, we’ve fully vetted each prospect on our end. Now it’s your opportunity to review their technical profiles and decide who makes it to the next step. 

Step 6 – Arrange technical interviews with your evaluation team

Once you’ve made your pick, the final screening step is to meet the candidates for a one-on-one chat officially. Here you can explain your plan for the project and get an idea of how the candidate will fit in with your team.

Step 7 – Hiring and Onboarding

Once all the necessary groundwork is completed, it’s time to focus on hiring. Our team works on a contract, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements such as accounting, tax laws, and patent laws specific to each country. Our comprehensive vetting process is designed to ensure that only the cream of the crop of software developers work on your project. Although we have a rigorous process, we only take 2 days to get from step 1 to 5. Meaning it takes us 2 days to provide a list of vetted candidates for your review. 

If you are looking to scale your operations with an experienced developer, let’s have a discussion.