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5 Reasons Your Company Should have a Cybersecurity Team

Cybersecurity Team
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Jason Bott
ByPor Jason Bott

Jason has been working as a consultant and project manager with enterprises of all sizes for over 20 years. His expertise lies in utilizing technology to solve problems that reduce costs and increase profits. He has been instrumental in implementing successful software projects for Shell, NOV, C&J, Nabors, Total, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Noble, American Tower, AIG, NASA, Nike as well as many smaller firms.

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The need for data protection in the current digital age increases as companies face cyber threats daily. This means that every company should have a cybersecurity team with the proper knowledge and expertise to protect the company’s data against loss, attacks, or other dangers.

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Reasons Your Company Should have a Cybersecurity Team

  1. Your Company Needs to Protect its Data.

Today, data is integral to how we do everything, including business, so data protection is essential. Having a password on the company computers is not enough. Adequate data protection should employ more complex security features, which needs the experience and know-how of cybersecurity professionals. 

With a dynamic cybersecurity team on board, the company, customer, and employee data will be safe from loss or theft. Beyond that, customers and employees often feel more comfortable knowing that the company has taken the necessary steps to protect their information. In many cases, customers are hesitant to use companies whose data systems have vulnerabilities. Furthermore, employees may be reluctant to relay private information to a company with no safety precautions to protect their sensitive information. 

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  1. Hackers Learn New Tricks Every Day. 

The most unpredictable part of using cybersecurity is that hackers and other cybercriminals constantly find new ways to create mischief. They learn new tricks daily and continue to target companies’ data now more than ever, even gaining access to critical information that they often hold for ransom. Sometimes, this may include financial information about the company or its customers. 

A dedicated and trained cybersecurity team can stop hackers in their tracks. They know the ways hackers can infiltrate systems and the vulnerabilities they must monitor. Furthermore, they know the tools and techniques needed to address them to put the appropriate security measures in place to defend against cyber threats. 

  1. You Need Experts Who Understand the Business.

Cybersecurity is more than just installing a basic virus protector and putting an eight-character password on company computers. Data protection extends to a variety of protection methods for a variety of threats. Furthermore, since technology is constantly evolving, so do the threats and protection methods.  There’s always something new to learn and implement so that the company can stay protected. So, your company would need people who are well versed in the necessary cyber security protection measures and are constantly researching new developments.

This team will monitor and manage your company’s cyber security protocols and procedures. You will have people who have qualifications, training, and experience in cyber security. Like any other field, especially cyber security, they will always be learning new things to ensure the company’s data protection system is up to date. 

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Cybersecurity Team
  1. A Dedicated Cybersecurity Team is More Efficient. 

Many companies have individuals who deal with technical issues around the office but may not be cybersecurity professionals. But the truth is cyber threats can happen at any time, to anyone and any company, big or small. And the time it might take the resident IT novice to find out what the problem or threat is, it may be too late. Valuable data may already be lost or compromised. 

However, with a team or even professional personnel constantly monitoring the company’s systems, they can identify problems and solve them much faster. With this qualified and experienced team, your company can save time trying to solve various data safety issues. The unit can attend to routine practices and emerging threats with expertise, reducing the risk of data getting lost or compromised. 

  1. Protection in BYOD Work Environments

With a shift in the traditional in-office work environment, fewer companies operate in spaces where company devices are the only devices available. Many companies have adopted a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy that allows employees to work with their personal computers, cellphones, and tablets. However, this kind of policy comes with its share of risks, as individuals may not be as careful about what they access on their personal computers. Suppose their machines have access to valuable company files, exposing the company’s data to various threats.

Your company should have a cybersecurity team that knows the protocols, systems, and applications to protect company information, even on team members’ devices. The team will learn the practices they must follow to protect data from hackers. 

The bottom line – cybersecurity is much more complex than having an anti-virus protector. As hackers become more sophisticated, companies become more vulnerable. Therefore, companies need a team dedicated to protecting their data from threats.