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Tech Nomad Finds New Home at WebCreek: Welcome, Nickolas Saraceni!

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Shannon Cantor
ByPor Shannon Cantor

Shannon’s craving for knowledge inspired her studies in languages and literature, and has ultimately driven her into a career of research and writing. She has spent the past years immersed in conversations surrounding IT business strategy, creating content that synthesizes these concepts and enhances our understanding of them. She is a published academic author, content specialist, and--in her “free” time-- project manager in the non-profit sector.


WebCreek’s creative team continues to connect imaginative minds. We are proud to welcome a tech nomad and our new Content Specialist, Nickolas Saraceni. 

Nickolas’s journey has covered as much thematic distance as it has geographical.  After graduating in Literature and Philosophy from Occidental College in LA, he went from working with Google on self-driving cars to driving his own car (also his home) through the US west coast. Thus beginning his tech nomad career of photography, videography, and storytelling; Nickolas’s creative eye has crafted a large social media group, which has followed his ventures through the US and Latin America. He now splits his time between Colorado and Colombia, and continues to explore the socio-geographical (and, now, techy) wonders that each place offers in its mountainous landscape. 

“I joined WebCreek because the idea of connecting communities from North, South and Central America is something that I very much believe in and strive for myself.” Quotes Nickolas. “I look forward to collaborating with the creative minds at WebCreek to create content with a sprinkle of Arts & Culture in its Tech stream.” Joining a company that lives to connect the dots, Nickolas’s passion for weaving networks will not go unleveraged. Welcome to the team, Nickolas. We’re excited to see your techy-creative fusion as it links into our web(creek).